NYCC: Geoff Johns Shares New Shazam Art, Story Details

At the DC Spotlight on Geoff Johns panel Friday at New York Comic Con, Johns took a moment to discuss his and Dale Eaglesham’s upcoming Shazam! comic series.

“The cover kind of tells you the tone of the book,” said Johns. “It’s gonna be a continuation of the first era of the book, and there’ll be a retelling of the origin, with the Rock of Eternity.”

DC Comics announced the new series in July at Comic-Con International: San Diego. Johns had previously written a Shazam! back-up feature, drawn by Gary Frank, that appeared in the New 52 incarnation of Justice League and was collected as a trade paperback in 2013.

Some of Eaglesham’s uncolored pages from the series were previewed at the panel. “I always try to make my books new-reader-friendly,” Johns added. “We’re gonna lean more into the magic, the powers of Shazam. When Billy starts exploring the Rock of Eternity, he’ll find doorways to other places. We’re gonna feature Mr. Mind, who’s a great Shazam villain, and Dr. Sivana.”

In addition to the upcoming series, Johns is also writing Doomsday Clock, also drawn by Frank. The launch of the series will predate the anticipated Shazam! film starring Zachary Levi by several months. Shazam! #1 is scheduled to arrive in stores Nov. 21.

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